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Improve the speed of your Software Release Cycle

If you’ve been shopping around for a technology partner to aid in your next custom development project or to help update legacy systems, you know how challenging it can be to find timelines that meet your project completion timeline.  

From months-long wait times to years-long cycles, it can be hard to imagine your development project ever becoming a reality.  

So are lengthy software life cycles your only option when it comes to development? 

There is clearly a move in the industry either using new programming methodologies (ag Agile) or new technologies (eg. Lowcode/NoCode) towards shortening the cycle of building software. 

Unfortunately, there are also too many examples where Customers are promised a new solution in a certain time period and cost, only to find that once the project starts so too do the delays and cost over runs. Our belief is that this is primarily due to both insufficient planning up front and using traditional programming languages to build your software which will invariably lead to a large volume of complex source code. 

Read on to learn more about short release cycles vs. long release cycles and how you can streamline your operations. 

Short Release Cycles vs. Long Release Cycles  

With some development platforms relying on less and less code, the age of long product updates and development timelines are waning. 

Short release cycles result in: 

  • Faster feedback response 
  • Less wait time for new features 
  • Keeps pace with evolving infrastructure  
  • Enables constant optimization  
  • Simplifies change management  

Implement Continuous Testing 

By continuously testing your software throughout the project life cycle, you can find any issues or inconsistencies throughout the process, rather than discovering them after the project has been completed and the software is running in real time.  

This method allows you to definitely assess the success of your software at every step of the development cycle and enables you to share feedback with developers in real-time with tangible examples.  

Build Consistent Release Schedules  

Now that you’re armed with a better understanding of the benefits of short release cycles, you can build cycles around your timeline that enable your project to move forward in small, quick steps rather than the ungainly bounds associated with a long release cycle.  

When you build your release schedules, you should always consider the following: 

  • What are my expectations for quality standards? 
  • What is my ideal timeline for software release? 
  • How can my business best benefit from the timing of this development? 

The answers to these questions will give you a firmer idea of what your schedule should look like, as well as working as a keep-honest tool to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  

Choose a Vendor with a History of Quick Software Release 

If vendors either quote you timelines of more than 6 months or the converse very short time lines without having done a proper assessment of the work involved, then it’s time to look elsewhere. At SCAD Software, we pride ourselves on our short development timelines and long-standing client relationships.  

When you choose to partner with SCAD Software, you don’t just get a technology vendor; you gain a partner who is as committed to your project as you are. We always start a project by spending quality time with your team to really understand the detail of what you want to build, not only so that we can provide a fixed price but also to ensure we build you the best possible software. In our view in the same way you wouldn’t start to build a house without a proper architectual plan, we feel the same about building software. 

But don’t take our word for it– with an average client tenure of over 7 years, here is what Donovan Sargo, CEO of Techtech said : “ They don’t just build software. They make sure they understand the business inside and out to make proper recommendations and add insight into best practices and overall functionality, which has been invaluable to us. I would always recommend them to any project and seem them as an integral part of our team” 

To learn more about how we make short release cycles a reality, click here.  


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