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Application Support and Maintenance Services

Application support and maintenance services are aimed to ensure that your apps are highly available, reliable and keep up with your ever-evolving business needs.

See How We Address Support and Maintenance Challenges


High Cost of maintenance and support services


Our use of metadata, a true low-code approach, and unique SCAD Framework result in a code base that is at least 40% smaller than if you use traditional programming or many of the other Low Code Style frameworks that build source code in the background. 30% lower cost. The net result is a lower total cost of ownership across a multi-year period.


Rare updates and slow backlog implementation


We roll out updates faster and ensure a 75% smoother and faster deployment thanks to the SCAD Framework.


Lack of progress visibility and transparency


SCAD Software provides clear KPI metrics and sends concise documentation for full service clarity.


Why do I acrue so much technical debt in my solution


With the SCAD Software Framework we can future proof our clients from technical debt created by new versions of technology in their technical stack.

Maintenance vs. Support

Both application support and application maintenance play a crucial role in ensuring smooth long-term performance of a software app. While often used interchangeably, these terms refer to distinct activities having different goals and encompassing different task scopes.

Application maintenance

Is focused on the regular activities required to keep the app stable, smoothly operating, and aligned with the evolving business needs. Bug fixing, security and compliance monitoring, app scaling and upgrading with new features are some examples of maintenance flows.

Application support

Primarily serves to assist end users in smooth app utilization and solving any arising issues. It covers troubleshooting, incident management, user education, and UX improvement and aims to enhance app user satisfaction.

Services for Application Maintenance

  • Application Evolution

    • Updates to existing modules.
    • Development of new application functionalities.
    • Recommendations for new features based on user feedback.
    • Feasibility studies and Return on Investment (ROI) assessments.
    • Updates to existing modules.
    • Integration of additional software.
    • Application redesign and modernization.
    • Introduction of cutting-edge application innovations.
  • Management of Application Security

    • Continuous security monitoring, regular audits, and incident resolution.
    • Scheduled diagnostics for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in applications.
    • Comprehensive vulnerability reports.
    • Security and penetration tests.
    • Simulation tests for DoS/DDoS attack scenarios.
    • Security enhancements as per SecOps protocols.
    • Introduction of cutting-edge application innovations.
  • Management of Application Performance

    • Round-the-clock monitoring to identify and address negative performance trends.
    • Regular testing for application performance and usability (including load, stability, and scalability).
    • Ongoing optimization of performance and user experience.
  • Management of Application Compliance

    • Regular checks for compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, GLBA, and other regulations.
    • Detailed compliance reports.
    • Proactive updates in response to regulatory changes.