SCAD Software in the UK join forces with South Coast Network (SCN)

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SCAD Software announces a partnership with SCN, in the UK, to provide a fast cost-effective service for customers looking to modernise their applications as well as needing to transition their business in light of the recent Covid-19 crisis.

SCAD Software provides a managed development service using a programming language agnostic framework with customisable building blocks that cover the complete end-to-end business process.

SCN bring years of experience and a track record of effectively managing complex IT projects for UK Customers across a range of sectors and company size.

The partnership brings together the experience and resources of SCN with the SCAD Software Methodology to provide UK customers with a complete end to end software development managed service.

“Traditional software development methodologies have struggled to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of business. With the current post Covid climate, it is more essential than ever that businesses have access to fast, flexible software development capabilities. A critical part of this for many companies is finding a way forward with legacy software that is currently hampering business performance” ”, says Shaun Orpen, Managing Director of SCAD Software in the UK.

“We are delighted to be working alongside SCN, providing a software development service that is 75% faster to market than traditional development methodologies”.

The SCAD methodology reduces the amount of source code in an application by between 30 and 90%, resulting in the delivery of applications typically 75% faster than traditional software development, at 30% lower cost.

“Scott Chapman, CIO / Consulting Director at SCN, explained: “We have long searched for a software development methodology that reduces the current complexity and overhead of some of the more traditional approaches. This is a truly unique approach that we are excited to be bringing to our clients.”

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