Reduce Technical Debt and Overcome its Limitations

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What is Technical Debt? 

Technical or technology debt refers to the implied cost of opting to adopt more affordable solutions today that will inevitably be needed at additional cost tomorrow.  

The term technical debt also encompasses the cost to update legacy systems to meet today’s operating needs and tomorrow’s demands. This tech debt can impact organizations clinically, financially, and operationally, devouring both time and money.  

Types of Technical Debt 

While the term debt inevitably comes with negative associations, technical debt can actually be viewed as a positive as it can force your organization to jumpstart digital transformation when the amount of tech debt is strategically assessed.  

Below are the two most common types of tech debt. 

Deliberate Debt 

This type of debt is incurred when a strategic decision is  made to solve a problem in the immediate, rather than taking the extra time to future proof the process. For example when creating a minimal viable product where speed is of the essence, and you know that once you move to the next stage after the successful MVP that technical debt can be paid back. Managing technical debt of this kind takes approaching developers and reassessing how to approach problems. By prioritizing longevity over instant, you can eliminate deliberate debt.  

Accidental Debt 

This technical debt occurs with time. Despite best intentions, processes and programs age and become outdated without constant update. Technical debt management of this kind relies on ongoing optimization to current processes to ensure that they stay up-to-date.  

How to Solve Technical Debt 

To truly remove technical debt once and for all, you need a partner who understands the technology demands and nuances of your software needs. At SCAD software, we build custom systems that meet your unique needs and partner with you today and tomorrow to ensure that those systems stay current, cogent, and constructive.  

A Trusted Software Partner helping to deliver innovation in a digital world 

As a trusted software partner, SCAD Software will help you to deliver change at the speed you need, with minimum risk to everyday operations and no technical debt. 


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