Progressive Webapps (PWA) – Fact or Fiction?

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No sooner than you have created your website or application, someone tells you it should be updated or re-written to take advantage of the latest technology.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are just one of these latest advancements. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon your perspective – there are many technical / commercial reasons why conforming to PWA makes good sense.

This is even applied to Business Applications that tend to be different in that they are:

  • Often used internally within the company
  • Maintained for several years
  • Utilized to drive critical business processes.
  • Traditionally built primarily as desktop apps.

These are no longer the best solution as more people want to access them on mobile devices and remote working becomes the norm. For many companies this has meant the increased cost and complexity of hiring teams to build separate apps for Android and iOS.

Building a PWA – simplifies the build process (1 team not 2 or more), needs fewer skills, simplified distribution.

Whatever your focus – PWA is one of those technology changes that really cant be ignored. Our website is a good example of a high lighthouse score.

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