We refresh and rebuild legacy systems for the modern enterprise

Looking for a way to update your legacy software?

We help companies upgrade enterprise software at the speed they need. We can modernise legacy applications much faster than alternative approaches. We don’t even need the source code.

Our methodology and business model will help you accelerate business transformation, while saving money.

We refresh and rebuild legacy systems for the modern enterprise

Legacy software is one of the biggest factors holding back digital transformation. The pace of change in technology is relentless, with new tools, frameworks and features appearing all the time. Legacy systems were not built for this fast-moving world.

Typically, enterprises have invested years of money and man hours building and maintaining legacy software. Yet in many cases they are no longer fit for purpose, draining resource and stifling innovation. At the same time replacing legacy systems requires careful thought and planning.

We offer a low-risk approach to upgrading or rebuilding your legacy system. Whether you want to move your legacy system to a new environment, make it cloud-ready, reduce licensing costs, or are looking for performance improvements we can help.

Unsure whether to rip and replace or upgrade your legacy system?

Why is upgrading legacy software a problem in the 21st century?

Legacy software is defined as being critical to day to day operations, but no longer fit for purpose. It can be a drain on internal IT resource and a barrier to productivity. On top of that, it can be difficult, time-consuming and costly to update, stifling change and innovation.

In a nutshell, legacy software can make or break your ability to remain competitive in a dynamic market-place.

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Legacy Software Challenges

  • Expensive to maintain

    Platforms are often unsupported by their developer and designed for an obsolete infrastructure. They can also be incompatible with hardware.

  • Costly to add new features

    Legacy systems tend to have a complex codebase - as well as vast amounts of documentation - so simple updates can lead to multiple conflicts across the system.

  • Not cloud-ready

    Legacy systems were not built for the digital world, which can be a barrier for companies looking to make cost and infrastructure savings by moving to the cloud.

  • Incompatible with mobile technologies

    Customers and employees are demanding mobile apps, but there are many barriers to making legacy systems mobile-ready.

  • Difficult to scale due its old infrastructure

    As companies grow, either organically or through mergers and acquisitions, legacy software can be a barrier to reaping the benefits of growth and remaining competitive.

  • Security and Compliance

    Legacy infrastructure can expose your company to security breaches and penalties for failing to keep pace with compliance requirements.

  • Productivity and Performance issues

    Legacy applications can be slow and clunky, leading to performance and productivity issues.

  • Harder to attract developer talent

    The best developers want to work with the latest technologies, so as your system ages it is going to get harder to find the support you need.

How we solve your legacy modernisation problem

Why is SCAD Software’s approach different?

We have simplified the process of software development, bringing all the benefits of low-code, no-code, and combining it with a commercial model that delivers faster ROI with reduced risk. And we have a 100% track record over twenty years to back-up our claim.

Our proven methodology
delivers faster ROI with less risk

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