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Our custom software development services speed up innovation and reduce risk

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Our custom software development services speed up innovation and reduce risk

We offer low-risk software development services for companies of every size. From fast-growth start-ups to global corporations, we have a 100% track record for customers across many sectors. Our approach offers all the benefits of low-code, no-code software development, together with a business model that shares financial risk with our customers.

If you have an idea for an innovative new product, or want to create a custom app to meet the unique needs of your business, we can help you realise your vision. Our custom software development services dramatically speed up software projects - by as much as 75% compared to alternative approaches.

Looking for a low-risk software solution that delivers a fast Return on Investment (ROI)?

Overcoming the challenges of custom software development

Studies show that between 50-80% of custom software development projects fail. At SCAD Software, we have a 100% track record of success, over two decades We understand the challenges involved and much more importantly, we know how to overcome them
  • Failure to define requirements

    Understanding requirements is a critical success factor for low-risk custom software development. We will work with you to capture product objectives, user requirements, and a pathway to ROI with timeline and milestones.

  • Prohibitive costs

    Custom software development can be costly in terms of manhours. As your low-risk software development partner, SCAD Software can help speed-up the process, reducing cost and accelerating time to value.

  • Understanding user requirements

    You may think you’ve had a brilliant idea, but your customers or users may not agree. Invest in capturing user requirements in detail to save time and money by only developing the features they want.

  • Using the wrong methodology

    Agility and speed will be vital to the success of your custom software development project. At SCAD Software, we are so confident in our software development framework that we are willing to share the financial risk with you.

  • Security Concerns

    It is true hackers focus a lot of their efforts on the big multi-user off-the-shelf software applications. However, security should be high on the list of any low-risk software development project.

  • Potential for Hidden and New Requirements

    This goes back to the need to capture requirements to ensure your custom software project is tightly-scoped. Stay focused on your project milestones and keep a buffer in the budget for future improvements.

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