Internal Project Risk Management System For A Major Bank

The SCAD Software approach is to achieve a 40% code reduction, leading to 75% faster to market and typically 30% lower cost. The primary benefit for this client was speed to market – we delivered the system in 3 months, reducing the amount of manual processing and improving corporate governance and reducing risk for all projects that were undertaken by the Bank within that region. There were other gains too: a reduction in manual processing and improved experience for the end customer.

What we did

We developed and implemented a web-based solution to establish ‘Boundary risk’ at the start of projects and ongoing throughout the life of projects.

This covers all projects delivered by the Bank within the region

How we did it

The Bank had a manual process for ascertaining risk at the start of a project. This was a one-time assessment that wasn’t updated and kept current through the life of the programme.

Delivered in depth analysis of Banks requirements.

We then worked with the internal team to implement a new and automated solution that not only streamlined the existing process but provided a continuous risk assessment during the life of the projects.

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