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Is legacy software slowing your financial institution’s progress? If you answered yes, it’s time to find a new software partner. At SCAD, we create custom systems that work like you do: Smarter, not harder. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn how this global financial institution reduced its lines of code from 1M to 400,000K, drastically improving the user experience and digitizing their enterprise.

Legacy system updated and rolled out within three months for international bank

A complex business-critical enterprise application for a billion dollar commercial loan portfolio

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SCAD Software helped an international bank to replace its legacy loan management system with a new web-based system. The project was built, tested, and rolled out to 1,000 branches, in 14 countries within three months, drastically faster than a predicted three-year timespan in alternative loan management software proposals.

Project Background

  • Since 2000, SCAD Software delivered a number of software development projects to a major international bank, including a business-critical loan management software application, used to approve and manage a multi-billion dollar commercial loan book spanning multiple lines of business.
  • Following a merger, the bank needed to update and consolidate its legacy credit application management system, installed in over 1,000 branches across 14 countries.
  • After the successful completion of phase one, SCAD Software was engaged to maintain the system and ensure it was updated inline with regulatory requirements.
  • The bank once again turned to SCAD Software several years later, when they needed to update to a cloud-based loan management solution.
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The advantage of the SCAD Software methodology is that it is easily configurable and flexible. We were able to get changes done easily and without any of the typical headaches that we experienced with other vendors. My advice to any potential client is that you are in extremely good & safe hands. SCAD operates with integrity and their ability to deliver and reputation precedes them in every respect.

General Manager,

Credit, Risk, Change & Systems, Major International Bank

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The Challenge

  • Due to architecture limitations, the system had been installed at each branch, leading to multiple instances of the application.
  • The lack of a standardised, centralised system created multiple issues for the bank, from the difficulty of generating management reports, to security and compliance concerns.
  • The credit loan application was one of the most bandwidth hungry systems in the bank, leading to slow page loading and document uploads.
  • The bank needed to migrate the system to a more modern environment and create a centralized web-based system.
  • The bank also wanted to retain the User Interface (UI) to ease the transition and reduce the training overhead for the bank’s staff.
  • Speed of implementation and continuity of business operations was vital; the system was processing commercial loans across multiple business lines, to the value of millions of dollars per day.

The Solution

  • The original loan management softwareapplication comprised 1M lines of source code, with over 1,000 tables, 400 screens and 10 Terabytes of data. SCAD Software was able to redesignre-design the existing application and reduce it to 400,000 lines of data.
  • The new centralized web-based system was rolled out to over 1,000 branches, in 14 countries within three months.
  • Following the initial roll-out SCAD Software worked with the bank on an ongoing basis, to keep the system up-to-date.
  • When the bank needed to update the application and make it cloud-ready, SCAD Software once again delivered the project within a period of months, on time and within budget.
Andy Fensham

Andy Fensham

Founder and CEO of SCAD Software

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This was an important win for SCAD Software. We were competing against global IT consultancy companies, some of whom were household names. On top of that, we committed to delivering the project within three months, which was a time period of several magnitudes shorter than the contenders.

We knew that our unique framework would allow us to deliver on the project, and our commercial model meant that we would share the risk with the bank. So we were delighted that the bank also had confidence in our ability to deliver. It was real vote of confidence in our approach, especially as we were competing against household names.

Technical Highlights

Legacy system

  • 1,000 Tables
  • 10 Terabytes of data
  • 400 screens
  • 1,000,000 lines of source code

SCAD Software re-designed application

  • 400,000 lines of source code
  • Same User Interface (UI)
  • Centralized web-based system

Phase Two

  • REST API Services
  • Bandwidth reduced by 25 times
  • Sub 2 second response times per page with 56k modem speed
  • Document upload speed 3 x faster

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