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Powerful Partnerships for Exceptional Solutions

We collaborate with a diverse network of partners to deliver customized technology solutions to our clients. From joint ventures with investors and start-ups to alliances with global corporations, our partnerships drive innovation and ensure successful project delivery. By combining our expertise with our partners' strengths, we achieve outstanding results for our clients.


SCAD Software Is An Ethically-Driven Technology Company

We work collaboratively with our partners to deliver unique solutions tailored to each of our clients.

Joint-Venture Propositions

We have a number of joint venture partnerships where we work with investors, start-ups and even global corporations to bring new software applications to market.

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We work with a range of technology partners to deliver a unique technology solution to our clients.

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Business Transformation

We work with subject matter experts to bring a complete set of capabilities to support our clients business transformation journey.

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Results-Based Partnership Approach

The traditional outsourcing business model is based on a day rate; yet this places all of the risk on the customer, who has no guarantee of a successful outcome. We think you deserve an outsourced software partner who is willing to be invested in your success.

We don’t work or think like ‘work for hire’ software developers. Rather than charging on a day rate basis, or for the amount of code we develop, our commercial model is based on the successful delivery of your system.

Our contract reads more like a partnership agreement with a focus on the project outcome. It keeps us focused and motivated by the same things as you – faster project delivery and realisable commercial value.

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Sound Too Good To Be True? Find Out What It’s Like To Work With Us

  • Working closely together to define your business requirements

    We will only agree the cost of the project once we’ve captured all of your business requirements in a comprehensive UAT document. In this way we are incentivised to agree a fixed budget and to deliver the project on time, minimising the risk of costly delays.

  • A close working partnership, using the most effective agile development methods.

    We will ensure the project stays on track with weekly calls to track progress. By reducing the volume of source code by up to 40% we speed up every element of the development process. And should you want to make changes to the UAT, we can deliver these on the fly and still go live on time!

  • Deliver to a fixed price, with no project creep

    However large your project, we typically deliver within weeks or months rather than years, with full payment on completion and no extra costs incurred.

  • A future-proof solution that gives you maximum flexibility

    Working with SCAD Software removes the angst of being locked into a single provider. We offer a guaranteed optional exit strategy, should you want to change direction.