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Whether you have a legacy application that is holding you back, or you have built your environment by re-using the technology from your MVP strategy, we are often called to clients to help them build a technology strategy that moves them forward onto a modern, scalable architecture.

We will work closely with your team, in a workshop to fully understand not only the technical assets involved but also to understand your business and commercial requirements for this technology.

The workshop (typically one-half day or could be 2 smaller sessions) will take you through a process of uncovering the details of all the technology in the solution such that we can provide a set of recommendations as to:

  • The most appropriate technical strategy moving forward
  • Highlight a roadmap of deliverables

All within your business and commercial constraints.

UX / UI Design

The design and user experience are elements of the application that everyone gets excited with. However, there is a lot of science behind building an effective user experience where the functionality of the application is presented logically and effectively.

In some cases, we are asked to rebuild software and keep the interface very similar to reduce the training overhead if this is to be used by a large number of existing users. In other examples, clients want the most modern thinking. Whatever your design criteria, we will work with your team to create a design and user experience that optimises the use of the software.

With modern technology and applications needing to be available and perform on a range of devices from desktops to mobiles, it has become increasingly critical to get the user journey and interface correctly.

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