Duit.life and SCAD Software partner with Burford Solutions

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Duit.life and SCAD Software have signed a partnership with Burford Solutions as the exclusive UK distributor of a new software solution that will bring a more innovative way of enabling businesses to engage with and resolve outstanding consumer debt.

In a post pandemic environment with more than 42.5m people using consumer credit, there needs to be a much more sophisticated approach to solving this issue especially for the financially vulnerable.

This is part of a broader technology and business development partnership between Duit.life and SCAD Software. Together Duit.life and SCAD Software are building out the technology and expanding the presence from their home market in South Africa into Europe, Middle East and North America.

Commenting on the partnership: Jannes DU Plooy, Founder and CEO of Duit.life said, “we are delighted to be partnering with SCAD Software and Burford Solutions. This is a critical phase for our business as we scale up our business to meet a growing list of new clients in new markets.“

Andy Fensham, CEO and Founder of SCAD Software remarked that “now more than ever, is the right time to be bringing a disruptive solution to this market. This is a growing challenge in our society and this solution will give companies greater flexibility and options when communicating with consumers faced with the challenge of mounting debt. Offering consumers a wider choice of options when confronted with debt is the right way to tacking this growing challenge in society. This paves the way for a more ethical and mature approach for companies as they tackle this challenge.“

Bruce MacLeod, CEO of Burford Solutions commented that “As a team, we have over 60 years of experience in the Debt Management and Financial Services markets. We are building a new and innovative approach to debt management that we are very excited to be bringing to the UK market.”

For more information on Burford Solutions, please visit : Burford Way Home New – Burford Solutions

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