3 Characteristics of Excellent Custom Software Solutions

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Undertaking the development of custom software solutions is not a small decision.

Finding the right custom software development partner can be challenging between the high price tag and the long journey to implementation.

To help you find the right provider, we explore three definable characteristics that a truly excellent custom software vendor will possess.

What are the Advantages of Custom-Built Software?

While some companies may view custom software services as an aspirational solution, these tailor-made services can drive huge benefits across your organization.

These include:

Increased productivity

If your team struggles with unwieldy solutions that devour their valuable time, you should consider investing in custom software solutions that are designed specifically for your business processes. Having a software solution that has been designed from the ground up to align with your business processes solves the typical challenge of a ‘round peg in a square hole’ that so often occurs with Packaged Software solutions.

Higher return on investment

Packaged software will also have a degree of obsolescence built into the pricing. Any updates or upgrades are at the software vendor’s discretion and not part of your agenda. Having software that better aligns with your business, and any updates/upgrades aligned to your business cycles means you should get a more favourable return on your investment. I say “should” as there are other factors as highlighted below relating to your software development partner and how they work with your business.

Maintenance and upgrades aligned to your business cycles

As the proprietary owner of your own custom software solution, you don’t have to rely on scheduled software updates or rollout–you’re free to make whatever changes are necessary whenever necessary.  In some cases you can decide to have a very frequent set of new releases, to bring out functionality faster than your competitors. Equally, you may decide to have one or two major new releases of functionality per year. Either way – you are in the driving seat.

What Qualities Should a Custom Software Solution Have?

As stated above, choosing the right custom software solution provider is a big decision. As you weigh vendors against one another, be sure to assess whether they have the three following qualities:

A user experience that is an extension of your business.

When you make the big decision to invest in custom software solutions, you want to ensure that your employees/customers can easily learn and use the solution. There is a real opportunity to work very closely with your Software Development Partner to ensure the user interface and experience of using the software is a good representation of your business and Brand. If you find that other purchasers have complained of complex processes and non-intuitive workflows, it’s time to reconsider that vendor.

Seamless Scalability

Your business needs can change rapidly, and you need software that can scale with you. Whether you’re entering a new market, acquiring, or merging with a market competitor or adding new functionality to adapt to changing business needs, you need to ensure that your custom software solutions are nimble enough to easily scale to meet your evolving needs. 

Unique to Your Business Needs

For a successful custom software solution design, you must ensure that your technology vendor understands the nuances of your business needs. If it feels like they’re rushing to understand your business at a micro level, rather than taking time to define your business need, you may want to reevaluate.

SCAD Software Custom Software Solutions

Regardless of industry, if you’re looking for custom software development with an unmatched track record, look no further than SCAD Software. We’re committed to understanding your needs as if they were our own and building a product that meets and exceeds your expectations. In the words of Donovan Sargo Founder and CEO of TechTech: “They don’t just build software. They make sure they understand the business inside and out to make proper recommendations and add insight into best practices and overall functionality, which has been invaluable to us”

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