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Migration Of One Of The World’s Largest Clipper Based Applications To A Modern Platform

One Of South Africa’s Leading ICT Suppliers, Has Been A Public Listed Company Since 1997. This case study showcases how SCAD Software worked with Mustek Computers to develop and implement a clipper based solution that met their unique requirements.

Mustek Computers, one of South Africa's leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) suppliers, has been a publicly listed company since 1997. As the company continued to grow, they faced the challenge of migrating one of the world's largest Clipper-based applications to a modern platform while building a highly efficient process for subsequent deployment into new regions. Unique methodology to deliver to multiple branches in a single weekend. One of the largest clipper based application modernization.

The Challenge

A Seamless Transition to a Robust and Scalable Solution!
Mustek Computers had an end-to-end system that encompassed quoting, ordering, backend delivery, stock control, bill of materials, assembly lines, and shipping. This system was one of the largest Clipper implementations in the world and was rapidly approaching the published scale limits, posing a significant risk to their business as they continued to expand. The challenge was twofold: create a replacement system and build it in a way that would enable easy deployment across the company’s other branches with minimal downtime.

The Decision

Mustek Computers chose to partner with SCAD Software based on existing relationships and a solid reputation. As a known and trusted entity, SCAD Software was well-positioned to deliver a successful outcome for Mustek Computers.

The Solution

SCAD Software developed a replacement system using C# and SQL, with the following key components:

  1. A one-year build time, followed by a one-month stabilization period to ensure the new system’s functionality and stability.
  2. A program to replace the old system in each branch, with a custom methodology designed to deliver the new system in a single weekend for each branch, minimizing overheads and downtime.

Through close collaboration with Mustek Computers, SCAD Software successfully delivered a modern, scalable, and efficient solution that met the company’s unique requirements. The new C# and SQL-based system replaced the ageing Clipper implementation, ensuring the continued growth and success of Mustek Computers.

Furthermore, the efficient deployment process developed by SCAD Software allowed for minimal downtime and disruption during the implementation phase, ensuring a seamless transition for each branch. Mustek Computers can now focus on expanding into new regions with confidence, knowing that their system is supported by a modern platform and backed by the expertise of SCAD Software.