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A Modernization Of A SYSPRO ERP For 28 Branches – In Only 8 Months.

In just five months, we developed a cutting-edge SYSPRO ERP solution successfully modernizing a prominent Regional IT Services company boasting 28 branches, revolutionizing their business operations.

a Regional IT Services company

The Challenge

Revitalizing a Regional IT Services company’s performance by modernizing their SYSPRO ERP solution within budget constraints.

When the Regional IT Services company welcomed a new CEO, their primary mission was to improve the company’s performance and streamline its operations. To achieve this, the CEO set out to drive efficiencies, which included minimizing workarounds, effectively managing end-to-end enterprise processes, and reducing costs. The challenge was clear: to replace the outdated SYSPRO ERP solution with a modernized, customized solution that would meet these goals and revitalize the company’s performance.

With 28 branches to serve, the task was anything but simple. The project had a tight five-month deadline, and the limited budget for change management presented its own set of hurdles. The company needed to overcome users’ resistance to change while working within budget constraints, making it crucial for the new ERP solution to be well-received and easily adaptable for the team.

As the company embarked on this ambitious project, they faced several significant challenges. Not only did they need to ensure the successful implementation of a new ERP solution across all branches, but they also had to manage the change with limited resources and work collaboratively with their team to identify and incorporate process improvements. Despite these obstacles, the dedicated team of five professionals worked tirelessly for eight months to deliver a fully customized solution that ultimately transformed the way the Regional IT Services company operated.

The Solution

Implementing a customized, efficient ERP system using the SCAD Software Framework to streamline operations and drive growth across all 28 branches.


To tackle the challenge head-on, we utilized the SCAD Software Framework to create and deploy a customized ERP solution designed to replace the existing SYSPRO system across all 28 branches. Our approach was focused on addressing the unique needs of the Regional IT Services company while ensuring a smooth transition for its employees.


Our team of five professionals worked closely with the company to identify key process improvements, which were integrated into the new ERP solution. This collaboration allowed us to tailor the system to the specific requirements of the organization, ensuring that it would drive the efficiencies the new CEO sought to achieve.

Recognizing the limited budget for change management, we employed creative strategies to facilitate user adoption and ease the transition for the company’s workforce. This included providing clear communication, comprehensive training materials, and ongoing support to address any concerns or issues that arose during the implementation process.

Over the course of eight months, our team successfully developed and delivered the fully customized ERP solution. The new system streamlined operations, reduced workarounds, and enabled the effective management of end-to-end enterprise processes across the Regional IT Services company’s 28 branches.

With the implementation of the modernized ERP solution, the company was able to achieve the desired efficiencies and revitalize its performance under the guidance of the new CEO. By overcoming budget constraints and addressing the unique challenges of the project, the customized solution proved to be a pivotal step in the company’s ongoing journey toward growth and success.