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In Today’s Innovation-hungry World,
Business Needs are Moving Faster Than IT Can Deliver.

  • We Understand Your Challenges

Regulatory pressure, digital transformation and the pressures of an “always-on”, real-time” world are placing almost impossible demands on IT teams.

At the heart of the problem is outdated legacy software, essential to day-to-day operations, but difficult and costly to replace or update. Businesses of every size face a catch-22 dilemma; as soon as a new application goes live, the source code is on a path to legacy.

How can IT teams escape this seemingly never-ending cycle?

  • We Can Match Your Timescales

Our approach to software development was developed over two decades ago, but it remains radically new. It allows us to develop custom software faster than almost any other method - by as much as 75%. That means weeks or months, rather than years.

It’s a big claim, but one that is supported by our 100% track record.

  • We've Reinvented the Wheel - Successfully

We have reinvented custom software development, with a methodology based on our own metadata-based SCAD framework of pre-configured building blocks. We are not hampered by source code, which makes our approach incredibly agile.

We can either re-engineer your legacy systems from the inside out, or create a brand new application. Whichever route you choose, we will ensure your software is future-proof.

We combine our methodology with a business model that means we share the financial risk with you.
  • No more day rates
  • No More Project Creep
  • No More five-year timelines
5 Reasons SCAD Software is Different

We're Changing the future

1. Faster

We typically deliver 75% faster time to market for new features and upgrades compared to traditional development methods – with an agreed delivery date and no project creep

2. Fixed price

Because we start with a comprehensive functional business requirements document, we can predict time and cost with greater accuracy than other software developers. And we request the majority of payment upon completion of the project, which means we are incentivised to deliver your project as fast as possible

3. Future-proof

Escape from the endless cycle of outdated source code. Our low-code SCAD framework means we can make changes within hours or days, ensuring your software application keeps up-to-date with the needs of your business

4. Flexible

Should you wish to migrate your application back to your in-house environment, we will transform it into a modern technology platform or programming language of your choice

5. Fully-documented

Your application is always fully-documented, with the documentation available to you at any time.

How we deliver
innovation with low-risk

Time and time again, people tell us our claims sound too good to be true, until they see the proof! We really can deliver on premises. Find out how we do it.

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Shaun Orpen

Managing Director - International

Shaun is an accomplished commercial leader with extensive experience in the IT and Telecoms industry. Much of his early career was spent with Microsoft, where he progressed from launching Excel into the UK market to the UK Executive Board, responsible for Marketing. He then went onto Orange where he ended up running the business unit responsible for selling to Small, Medium businesses.

Since then he has worked with a number of smaller technology businesses in both Commercial and Advisory roles. His strong commercial focus has led him to consistently contribute to the growth of every organisation that has engaged him. Shaun is heading up the Commercial side of SCAD Software.

He is spearheading the company’s expansion in the UK, Europe and the USA as well as the launch of SCAD Solutions, a business focused on launching innovative solutions to the international market. Shaun’s strong sense of ethics is perfectly aligned with Andy’s vision for SCAD Software.

Andy Fensham


After working as a software consultant to the global banking industry for six years, Andy has devoted the last two decades to realising his vision to transform the software development industry.

Since 1998, when he founded SCAD Software, Andy was aware that the business world was accumulating a vast and unsustainable level of technical debt, with legacy source code becoming a risk factor for organisations of all size. As markets change and digital transformation becomes integral to every business, Andy realised that out-of-date software would put the future of many organisations in jeopardy.

To address this risk, Andy developed a radical new approach to custom software development, which time and time again has delivered large-scale software projects 75% faster than other methods.

Andy is now overseeing the expansion of SCAD Software into new markets in Asia, Middle East, UK, Europe and North America as well as extending the portfolio to include a number of packaged solutions.