The SCAD Software Difference

A Faster, Flexible, Low-Risk Way to Build Software

We have pioneered a faster, more flexible, way to build software that helps companies keep pace with digital transformation in today’s innovation-hungry world. 

If you’ve been searching for a low-risk software development partner to help you deliver technology innovation at the speed you need, you’re not alone.

When you choose to partner with SCAD Software, not only do you gain comfort from our 100% project delivery track record, but you also gain assurance that we are as committed to your project as you are. Our commercial model is based around the principle of shared risk and oriented to payment on delivery.

How we Deliver Software
Faster with Low-Risk

Our approach to software development allows us to develop custom software and achieve faster software time-to-market faster than almost any other method.  That means we can deliver your software project within weeks or months, rather than years.

We make extensive use of metadata and RESTful Services to connect to different software and services. The result is an application that has a much smaller footprint in terms of the code base.  This has significant technical and commercial benefits not only in the build, but ongoing in future maintenance, enhancements and updates.

Time and time again, people tell us our claims sound too good to be true until they see the proof!  We really can–and do–deliver on our promises. 

Five Reasons
SCAD Software
is Different:

1. Faster

We typically deliver software 75% faster for both new software and updates for new features and upgrades compared to traditional development methods.

2. Fixed price

Because we start with a comprehensive functional business requirements document, we can predict software time-to-market costs with greater accuracy than other software developers. And we request the majority of payment upon completion of project milestones, which means we are further incentivized to deliver your project as fast as possible.

3. Future-proof

Should you wish to migrate your application back to your in-house environment, we can transform it into a modern technology platform or programming language of your choice. In addition to this exit strategy, our programming language-agnostic approach reduces the risk of technical debt.

4. Flexible

We build software with small agile teams, sharing the progress with our clients as we go. This low-code style approach as well as the SCAD Software methodology means we can make changes within hours or days, ensuring your software apps launch faster and your application keeps up-to-date with the needs of your business.

5. Fully-documented

Your application is always fully-documented, with the documentation available to you at any time. This is renowned as the most hated task by developers, principally as they don’t enjoy it and know that it is seldom read. With SCAD Software the software documentation is an automatic output of the process.

How We Deliver Our Methodology

The  SCAD framework is programming-language agnostic. It replaces vast amounts of source code (typically around 40%) with metadata and uses REST-based services to connect to an infinite range of software and services.

Since we use the metadata to build your custom application, we don’t even need the source code! We can start with the database schema or the front end, giving you ultimate flexibility. And our approach captures the best of waterfall and agile methods.

Your application can be hosted in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution, depending on the needs of your business environment.  Typically we will have the transformed application up and running within 3-6 months, ready to help you design a migration strategy so you can re-engineer your software at the speed your business needs.

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