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The SCAD Software Difference

In today’s innovation-hungry world, business needs are moving faster than IT can deliver.

Regulatory pressure, digital transformation and the pressures of an “always-on”, real-time” world are placing almost impossible demands on IT teams.

At the heart of the problem is outdated legacy software, essential to day-to-day operations, but difficult and costly to replace or update. Businesses of every size face a catch-22 dilemma; as soon as a new application goes live, the source code is on a path to legacy.

How can IT teams escape this seemingly never-ending cycle?

Break the circuit with SCAD Software

Our approach to customer software development was developed over two decades ago, but it remains radically new. It allows us to develop custom software faster than almost any other method - by as much as 75%. That means weeks or months, rather than years.

It’s a big claim, but one that is supported by our 100% track record.

We have reinvented custom software development, with a methodology based on our own metadata-based SCAD framework of pre-configured building blocks. We are not hampered by source code, which makes our approach incredibly agile.

We can either re-engineer your legacy systems from the inside out, or create a brand new application. Whichever route you choose, we will ensure your software is future-proof.

And we combine our methodology with a business model that means we share the financial risk with you. No more day rates, project creep or five-year timelines without any guarantee of success.

How we deliver innovation with low-risk

Time and time again, people tell us our claims sound too good to be true, until they see the proof! We really can deliver on premises. Find out how we do it.



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Our methodology begins with a series of workshops to capture your functional requirements. For legacy software, this includes distinguishing between processes you want to keep and those you want to improve. For both legacy and new applications, it can save weeks of wasted development time. And for every project, it means we can commit to a fixed project price and a clear delivery timeline.

Once we have agreed the functional requirements document with you, we can agree a project budget – unlike other software developers, we orient the majority of payment to completion of the project, making us a safer, lower-risk option.

We are able to do this because our low code style methodology allows us to deliver at a speed other custom software developers cannot match. The SCAD framework is programming language agnostic. It replaces vast amounts of source code (typically around 60%) with metadata and uses REST based services to connect to an infinite range of software and services.

Since we use the metadata to build your custom application, we don’t even need the source code! We can start with the database schema or the front end, giving you ultimate flexibility. And our approach captures the best of waterfall and agile methods.

Your application can be hosted in the cloud, on premise or as a hybrid solution, depending on the needs of your business environment. Typically we will have the transformed application up and running within 3-6 months, ready to help you design a migration strategy so you can re-engineer your software at the speed your business needs.



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Once your systems is up and running, we offer a fully-managed service not just for management, support & maintenance, but also the continued evolution of your custom software application. Our Service Level Agreement includes access to our software developers, who can implement ongoing changes to your system, to keep pace with your business requirements. And we offer this at a fixed price, so you can manage your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).



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At the end of the contract period (typically 3-5 years) you have the option to transfer the application back to your platform of choice, or continue with the managed service. Most of our customers continue to work with us beyond the scope of the original contract period. However if you do decide to transfer the application to your platform of choice, we will migrate it into your preferred environment.

Five Reasons

SCAD Software is different



We typically deliver 75% faster time to market for new features and upgrades compared to traditional development methods – with an agreed delivery date and no project creep


Fixed price

Because we start with a comprehensive functional business requirements document, we can predict time and cost with greater accuracy than other software developers. And we request the majority of payment upon completion of the project, which means we are incentivised to deliver your project on time



Escape from the endless cycle of outdated source code. Our low-code SCAD framework means we can make changes within hours or days, ensuring your software application keeps up-to-date with the needs of your business



Should you wish to migrate your application back to your in-house environment, we will transform it into a modern technology platform or programming language of your choice



Your application is always fully-documented, with the documentation available to you at any time.

Ready to work with us?

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