The perennial dilemma

What to do with applications, developed in old technology?

May 13, 2020

The perennial dilemma. What was once a shiny new application in a modern language can fall quickly into the legacy technology bucket. Many of these applications are still being used extensively, adding real value to businesses of all size. With estimates of 220 billion lines of COBOL source code alone around the world, there is clearly a significant volume of applications that were developed with old technologies. Frequently these are not properly documented, the original developers may have moved away, they may be hard and expensive to update, may have become bloated with new features tacked on, and have become a risk to the Company.

What are my options for modernisation? Do nothing and hope it does not cause an issue? Rewrite it in a modern language? Buy something off the shelf? The route of the problem is actually the amount of source code in these applications and the knowledge of how these lines of code work and are put together. None of these options above solves the route cause and eliminates the cost and risk created by all this.

SCAD Software and DSL have come together to deliver a solution specifically for customers of DSL using their Ffenics framework as well as a more generic solution for all customers of applications developed in DataEase SCAD Software in UK join forces with DSL

SCAD Software has a unique solution for customers with legacy software. A meta-data driven methodology with a framework of customizable building blocks, that cover the spectrum of the end to end business process. This offers customers a solution that is language-agnostic (future proofing them against the inevitable shifts in technology). A 30-90% reduction in the volume of source code. And typically 30% plus lower cost than traditional development options.

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