DSL and SCAD Partner to migrate Ffenics systems

Joining forces with DSL
Joining forces with DSL
May 13, 2020
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Shaun Orpen

SCAD Software is delighted to announce a partnership with Database Software Limited (DSL) to provide a fast cost-effective migration path for all applications created with the Ffenics Framework or DataEase technology.

SCAD Software announces a partnership with DSL, in the UK, to provide a transition path for customers who have applications built using either the Ffenics Framework or DataEase.

SCAD Software provides a development service using their programming language agnostic framework with customisable building blocks that cover the complete end-to-end business process.

SCAD Software and DSL are together offering customers of these technologies a route to transform their application to a modern platform that is future-proofed against future changes in technology. The aim is to deliver this for around 30% of the cost of rewriting the application in-house with a significant saving on monthly operating expense.

Fully scalable, this is an easy route for customers to migrate to the cloud and or add new capabilities such as mobile enablement.

“We are delighted to work with DSL, providing a fast cost-effective route out of obsolescence, with our unique software development framework and service”, says Andy Fensham CEO of SCAD Software Ltd. “Our capability breaks the traditional cycle of large amounts of source code that falls into legacy very quickly. Using meta-data driven development and a language-agnostic framework we can deliver transformative benefits to customers very quickly.”

The SCAD methodology supports very fast innovation cycles, with typically 75% faster than traditional software development, a 30-90% reduction in source code; all at up to 30% lower cost and an operating expense rather than capital expenditure solution.

“Pete Tabord, CEO and Founder of DSL, explained: “I am delighted to be partnering with SCAD Software, giving my customers a route forward with a modern, future-proofed methodology. They can use this opportunity to add critical new capabilities such as cloud enablement and mobile in a modern solution that is very fast to transition”.


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