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You have an idea that you now want to build and take to market. Hiring a full-time team is expensive, hard to find and probably not required at this stage. Traditional outsourcing leaves you paying a monthly bill, irrespective of delivery. Time for a new approach with a long-term partner that is invested in the success of the project

We love working with Entrepreneurs and Tech founders to bring these ideas to life. Whether you need a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or want to scale an MVP into a full platform, we will work closely with your team. We provide the full service as your Software Partner from working closely to finalise the business requirements, and building the application though to helping you take it to market.

Finalising the terms of our partnership together means ensuring we are as invested in its success as you and your team. We pride ourselves in that our average client tenure is over 7 years.  The first step in the journey is to build a set of business requirements. In the words of one of our clients:

The relationship was great. We spent a considerable amount of time upfront with the team.

If you truly engage with the team, it allowed the team to understand our requirements and more importantly allowed us to ask questions that enabled the (SCAD Software) team to demonstrate specific functionality to us that otherwise, we may not have considered”.

Nathan Pillay
Director of Envision Advisory Services

The benefits of appointing
SCAD Software as your Software Partner:

With our extensive business and technology experience, we pride ourselves in adding a lot of value at this stage of the journey.

75% Faster
Our approach to building software is typically 75% faster than traditional software development.
40% Less Code
The code base will be at least 40% less than using conventional software coding, which is much faster and lower cost to maintain and update.
20+ Years Experience
Over 20 years experience of successfully building software for clients large and small.
30+ Years in Market
Over 30 years experience of bringing software products to market across multiple product and market sectors
We Share Risk
We will share some of the risks of building the software – our remuneration is based on delivery.
Remain by Your Side
As well as building the software we will remain by your side, maintaining, supporting and updating the software.
Future Proof
We future-proof your application from going end of life, reducing the frequency of software rewrites.

Specific services we provide to clients that are looking to build some software to take to market:

  • Creating the business requirements for your application

    The start point for any application, working closely with your team to create a clear set of functional business requirements

  • Software Development

    • We will allocate a small focused team that will interact directly with your team. We tend to work on weekly/bi-weekly cycles where we create some functionality and then share it with your team to get real-time feedback.

    • We will set and optionally can manage the technical environment whether that be in the Cloud, your data centre or a hybrid.

    • Ongoing software maintenance

    • Technical Support, we offer a full range of support services for you and your clients based on a range of service level agreements.

  • UX/UI Design Consultancy

    How the end user of application interfaces with an application is critical. We have a team of experts on hand who can cover everything from building the Brand to defining the finer details of how the user will interact with a piece of software.

  • Fractional Product Management Services

    • Once you have built the product, it pays to have a resource dedicated to managing the ongoing lifecycle of the product/service in your business.

    • Everything from competitor analysis, pricing, supporting the sales team, and building a maintaining a future roadmap. These are all important tasks to consider when taking a new product/service to market.

    • The reality is that a skilled Product Manager is an expensive resource. Certainly, in the early stages, it doesn’t require a full-time person. We have a team of experts who provide a fractional Product Management Service that could be as little as a day a month.

    • Go-to-market services – we can provide support in the range of go-to-market services. How to articulate the proposition, create marketing and sales collateral, and even manage the creation of sales leads.

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