5 Business Challenges we can Help you Solve

1. Get to Market Faster

Too many software projects result in shifting milestones. A McKinsey study found that 66% of enterprise software projects have cost overruns, a third of them go beyond the estimated schedule, and almost 20% fall short of promised benefits.

We think you deserve better.

Our software methodology means we can reduce source code by at least 40%. This in turn enables us to achieve faster time to market for software applications up to 75% faster than traditional software programming. This, together with our highly-effective requirements capture process, means our projects stay on track – and deliver the required functionality.

As we use less code, we use very small teams to build the software, which not only results in faster software development but also reduces cost. Compare that with the large, multi-disciplined teams in some developments, which can represent a significant management and communication overhead.

2. Increased Competitiveness – Faster Frequency of Updates

Our approach means you can introduce new features at the speed your customers demand them – and much faster software development than your competition. Because our methodology occupies a much smaller footprint than alternative methods, it is also easier to update the software.

Since we use metadata rather than a programming language for most of the applications, making changes to metadata is much easier, faster and less risky.

For example, with traditional methods, if you need to change a field on each screen of the application, you would need to go and reprogram each of those screens. With SCAD Software’s methodology, we simply make the change in the database and then replicate it with a press of a button across each of the screens.

This means that for clients that need to update their software regularly to keep ahead of the competition, creating a biweekly or even weekly development cycle is entirely possible.

3. Faster Return on Investment

Increasing software time-to-market with a partner that is paid upon delivery, and developing solutions that are faster to update and cost less to maintain, not only delivers a faster Return on Investment but also operational savings and greater profitability.

Contributing factors that lead to an improved ROI for our clients:
  • Software-speed-to-market
  • Updates are faster to make and more frequent
  • Extend the lifespan of your legacy systems without sacrificing innovation
  • A team that is paid largely on the delivery of business outcomes rather than days
  • A smaller software footprint means smaller teams and less cost

4. Overcome the Limitations
of Technical Debt

In today’s innovation-hungry world, business needs are moving faster than IT can deliver.

Regulatory pressure, digital transformation, and the pressures of an “always-on,”  “real-time” world are placing almost impossible demands on IT teams.

At the heart of the problem is legacy software, which often holds a company to ransom; it might be essential to day-to-day operations, but difficult and costly to replace or update. Businesses of every size face a catch-22 paradox; as soon as a new application goes live, the source code is on a path to legacy.

The term technical debt is widely used to describe this dilemma.  A recent industry report discovered that 78% of companies took on more technical debt in 2021, while 58% have no strategy in place to manage it.

Our language-agnostic approach to software development minimizes the risk of technical debt.  Any application can be quickly translated into our framework for use by our clients. This will take a couple of weeks vs many months or years for a legacy application

5. Reduce the Cost and Overhead of Updating and Maintaining Software

Market data suggests that developers can spend up to 30% of their time simply keeping existing software code up-to-date (as the underlying programming languages change, you need to update your software to incorporate the latest versions).

By using a programming language agnostic approach to building software, we insulate our clients and their applications from the need to do such regular updates. Any time spent maintaining your software should be spent on fixing any bugs/ issues and adding new features.

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