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SCAD Software develops software systems for world-leading organisations.

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The SCAD Framework

We have a unique approach to software development. We apply it whether we are developing new systems or maintaining existing systems.

We deploy pre-configured building blocks developed over 20 years of writing systems.

We create metadata which is independent of OS, browser and language and connects to an infinite range of REST-based software and services.

The Four Astonishing Gains

Using the SCAD Framework helps us deliver some quite astonishing benefits for you:

Astonishing Gain One

We claim we can typically build software 75% faster than traditional software development.

Astonishing Gain Two

We will typically reduce source code by at least 40%.

Astonishing Gain Three

We will typically cost 30% less than your inhouse team or competitor provider.

The Ultimate Gain

The Ultimate Gain

The biggest benefit of having SCAD Software develop systems with you and for you is our approach to risk reduction and your payments.

Our claims have been cited by some as “too good to be true”. But time and again, they have delivered.

So the proof is in the payment.

We want you to pay us not for our time, or the amount of code we develop, but by our delivery and/or the commercial success of your system.

Our low-risk business model orientates the majority of our remuneration to the point at which we deliver.


We Probably Work In Your Industry

We thrive in environments that are heavily regulated with high compliance requirements, that span multiple sites and geographies

In which industry sector does your company operate?

A Partnership Approach

We so often succeed in software development projects because we don’t work or think like ‘work for hire’ software developers.

Our contract with you reads more like a partnership agreement - the essence of which is us not charging our work on simple day rates but sharing an interest in the project outcome. It keeps us all focused and motivated by the same things as you.

And remember that the majority of our costs kick in once we have together got the job done.

What Shall We Develop?

Have a look at some of the projects we have completed.

Are you considering any of these kinds of development project?

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Let’s Start Our Project

We can start projects quickly, yet we are also very happy to provide you with credentials for later consideration, to provide estimates or respond to RFPs.

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