Technical Architecture

Scad Framework Technical Architecture


Scad Framework Technical Architecture

Scad Framework Technical Requirements and Options

  • Servers run Windows Server 2003/2008 32 Bit or 64 Bit with IIS 6.0 or IIS 7.0
  • Database servers for the SCAD internals run on SQL Server 2008 32 bit or 64 Bit.
  • Users access system via a web browser (HTTPS) with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc. supported
  • System uses Windows Authentication on AD or can integrate to other Authentication solutions to authenticate users.  Users also have to log on to the system with their Windows User Id and Password before accessing it.
  • Access rights are role based with roles aligning and linking in with the Active Directory Groups. The roles must be configured and aligns with AD and the roles in SQL Server

Roles can be configured and access rights to roles can be defined.  The standard roles include :

SCAD Admin Role:  Access to all functionality (including screen configurations).
SCAD User Administrator: Role which can perform configurable Administrator Tasks.
SCAD Report Role: Read access to defined reports.
SCAD Integration Role: Executes specified integration tasks.
SCAD Custom Roles: Can be defined and access rights can be assigned to these roles to a level of Add, Edit, Delete and also to specific actions on the screen.

  • System uses SSL Encryption for external communications and SSL or IPSEC from Web Servers to the Database Server
  • Optionally data in the database can be encrypted too.
  • System can communicate and integrate with Web Services including SOAP and most ODBC compliant databases. E.g. Client screens can render, display, use and save data back to Web Services or ODBC compliant databases or flat files or custom interfaces.

Scad Internal Architecture