Credit Management

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SCAD Credit (Credit Application Processing System)

SCAD Credit is a fully integrated, flexible and easy-to-use credit application processing system using workflow technology to deliver end-to-end management of credit applications for businesses of wide ranging types and sizes in today’s increasingly competitive and highly regulated financial services industry.

The SCAD Credit system guides the user through a series of logically sequenced, business process-related screens designed to enable quick, accurate and compliant processing of credit applications.

Seamless integration with existing internal applications and systems such as retail orientated cheque, credit card and home loans as well as corporate and commercial operations in fields such as asset-based financing systems is extended into internal or external risk models and regulatory compliance requirements to ensure up-to-date, reliable and consistent data resulting in accurate risk profiling.

SCAD Credit was developed using the SCAD Framework. This technology enables changes to the system to be implemented very quickly, easily and economically as most changes are simply data configuration related as opposed to code changes and its robust design, scalability and security, make it the ideal platform for configuring systems for organisations of any size.

Bandwidth usage is minimal because of the small page sizes, most of which are less than 10 kilobytes. As a result, the system is especially suitable for companies and/or countries with bandwidth constraints, for example those using VSAT networks.

Other key system benefits are:

  • A mature and very stable system which consists mainly of configuration settings with minimal traditional program code.
  • Requires only one Server Set for the majority of installations.
  • Reduced Software licensing costs (one server only).
  • Web enabled with advanced security (mobile solution).
  • Workflow capability ensures credit applications are processed accurately and timeously.
  • Multi-language capability.
  • Multi-currency capability.
  • Advanced, instantaneous and accurate risk assessment using internal and/or external risk models.
  • Central repository for all credit application data.
  • Single point of capture and validation of data.