IT Governance and Management

Governance focuses on oversight, accountability and strategic decisions, while management focuses on strategic decisions, management decisions and control, and operational management.


Optimal Management and Governance processes are critical in ensuring the sustainability and viability of any IT infrastructure project design, roll-out and maintenance.


Meets the challenges of change

Change is inevitable in today’s dynamic business environment. In the era of globalization,computerization, privatization of multi-nationals, fast and growing changes are taking place. In recentyears the challenge of change has become intense and critical. The management successfully manages changes in order to stay afloat amidst intense competition. The challenge of changes can be met by professional and efficient management only. Complexities of modern business can be overcome only byscientific management


Achievement of goals

Management plays an important role in the achievement of objectives of an organization.Objectives can be achieved only when the human and the non-human resources are combined in a proper way. Management is goal-oriented. With a view to realize the predetermined goals, managers plan carefully, organize the resources properly, hire competent people and provide necessary guidance. Then try to put everything on the right track. Thus, necessary deviations, over-lapping efforts and wasted motions are avoided. In the final analysis, all these help in realizing goals with maximum efficiency.


Optimal use of resources

Management ensures optimum utilisation of resources by attempting to avoid wastage of all kinds. It helps in putting the resources to the best advantage, within the limitations set by the organization and its environment.
It is the one and perhaps the only resource of production which generates life and momentum in the enterprise as a whole and makes its impact by improving the competitive position and the scale in the operation.



Smooth and continuous running of business organization depends upon the efficiency of management. Degree of stability of any organization is positively correlated with the degree of efficiency shown and adopted by the management. It is necessary to change and modify the resources in accordance with the changing environment of the society. If the business enterprises do not change according to the changing environment, their stability may be in danger. Thus the management puts in a lot of effort in managing stability because the more effective the management is in managing change, the more stable it is.


Encourages Innovation

Innovation is a must for business and industry. Otherwise, it becomes rigid and outdated. One cannot expect to manage their way to innovation; however, management sets some of the preconditions for it. Innovation requires new ideas, improved or new suggestions, new dimension, new vision, excellent imagination etc. All this is provided by management, which makes the business and industry modern, live and dynamic. However, innovation does not start at the top of the organization. Whether an organization is on the leading edge or following an imitation strategy, innovation is the only sustainable advantage.Today a good idea is not good enough. The management must demonstrate that their idea will deliver measurable results to the bottom line. To drive innovation and organizational success, the management needs to make effective business decisions that provide the most economic value to their organisation.

Management & Governance is built into the SCAD methodology.