Former SABMiller Exec Joins SCAD


Newly-appointed non-executive chairman of SCAD, Ron Stringfellow, intends to add strategic direction to help position the company as a global player.

Ron Stringfellow, a former executive director of SABMiller, has been appointed non-executive chairman of local software development company, Swift Channel Application Development (SCAD).

Stringfellow, who headed up the Southern Sun/Tsogo Sun group for 16 years, will join the SCAD team to help strengthen the company’s position in both the local and international markets, says SCAD CEO Andy Fensham.

“[SCAD’s] methodology provides a framework that could revolutionise the software industry, and in order to take advantage of this opportunity, it was necessary to appoint an experienced business strategist to the board to play a key role in our future.”

Fensham says Stringfellow conducted an independent assessment of SCAD’s product offering prior to agreeing to the appointment. “I am pleased to say that he is confident in the future of our company [and has] not only accepted the appointment as chairman, but has [also] become a significant shareholder in the company.”

Lucrative opportunity

Stringfellow, who lived in France and the US for five years after retiring from the SAB Group in 2006, returned to live in SA earlier this year to pursue personal business interests. He says, while he is the first to admit that he is no IT expert, SCAD’s framework and development methodology provides “an exciting and potentially lucrative business opportunity”.

“I intend to add strategic direction to help position the company as a global player in the foreseeable future. It is very exciting to get in on the ground floor and help the company realise its full potential.”

Stringfellow qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte in Zimbabwe, after completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Natal, in Durban, in 1971, and subsequently pursued a 25-year career in the SABMiller Group, before his retirement in 2006.

During his career with the SAB Group in Zimbabwe, Stringfellow was CFO of Delta Corporation, executive chairman of Delta’s retail operations, and CEO of Zimbabwe Sun, Delta’s hotel and casino subsidiary.

In 1990, Stringfellow was transferred to SA by SAB to take control of Southern Sun Hotels and to take responsibility for Southern Sun’s entry into the casino industry with the formation of Tsogo Sun, a group that today encompasses 14 casinos and more than 90 hotels.