Electronic Document Management

The Convenience of Electronic Document Management

Businesses have always generated a lot of paperwork that needs a place to be safely stored. But one of the things that have also been true is that much of the paperwork a company generates is internal and could be done more efficiently with an electronic document management system. It requires an investment by a business to set up a computer document managing system and that investment is one of the reasons why some business owners resist the need to automate their document system. There are several financial advantages to using an electronic system that would more than help pay for the cost of the system several times over.

Think of all of the requirements a hard copy document storage system requires. The printers, paper and ink used to create the documents cost money to buy and maintain. The file cabinets, boxes and shelves used to store the documents also cost money and those can be more recurring costs than many people imagine. The office floor space being used by shelves and filing cabinets is space that could go to productive employees or be sub-leased out to people that can pay part of the lease costs for the property. When you add all of these expenses up and realize that an electronic document management system could eliminate or reduce all of these costs, then the automatic systems starts to make sense.

Employee productivity costs a company money. It is one of those expenses that every company experiences but can be hard to quantify. Think of the time it takes for someone to find a document, retrieve that document and the re-file that document in an organized filing system. Even an organized system requires time to retrieve documents. Now try to imagine the same situation but in an archive filing system in a building basement. It could take an employee hours, or even days, to find a single archived document. An electronic document management system eliminates the search time and allows employees to retrieve documents quickly without ever having to leave their desks.

The ways in which an electronic document management system can save your company money can more than pay for the initial investment in a management system. The key is remembering that the savings continue for as long as you utilize an electronic system and they are benefits and profits that your company will reap for many years to come.