Benefits SCAD Framework

How do You benefit using the SCAD Framework:

  • Quick to develop, change and implement systems using the framework
  • Very cost effective and provides a competitive advantage
  • Low risk because of the technology and pricing models
  • Systems within the framework are easily aligned to business processes
  • Easy to support
  • Easy to implement localised or global changes
  • Easily interfaced with other systems
  • Provides enhanced process efficiency
  • Ease of use with minimum training requirements – users are productive within hours
  • Low risk computing because the information screens that are presented to users are “data driven” and extensively proven
  • Reduced costs on custom development and any future changes


The SCAD Framework is:

  • Document management enabled
  • Document generation enabled
  • Cloud ready
  • Internal messaging, SMS and e-mail enabled
  • Workflow enabled
  • KPI enabled

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