Business Process Management

Aligning the Effectiveness of an Entire Organization

A business process management approach to developing effective techniques within an organization is focused on creating value for the customer. Each aspect of the business is analyzed to see if there are any process duplications or short-comings that affect the ability of the company to deliver quality customer service. That service includes the manufacturing of products and the execution of support services along with sales and marketing support. It is not just a management style. It is the way that a company re-evaluates its business processes to become consistently more efficient and customer-oriented.

The business process management approach affects everything in an organization and can help to improve the level of customer service, manufacturing processes that can help make the company the first to market and it can also improve vendor relations. A good example of how the BPM method works is by examining the LEAN manufacturing method. This is a method that analyzes a company’s manufacturing process and then institutes new processes that save the company money. For example, if the company has an inefficient method for purchasing raw materials, then analyzing historical sales data will allow a company to become more efficient at buying materials and avoid having materials on hand for months that it does not need.

Another important aspect to business process management is innovation. There is a constant drive among BPM professionals to find new ways to streamline business processes. Whether it is developing ways to improve communication between the customer service group and the sales organization or finding new ways to ship products so that they arrive to distribution centres faster, there is always innovation going on with the BPM method.

One of the things that separate business process management from approaches such as total quality management is the use of technology in BPM. The other management approaches rely primarily on a change in thinking that can bring about better processes. With BPM, the thinking is enhanced by the use of technology to make a process more effective. A company that is using a BPM approach would be more inclined to look at updated customer contact management software as a way of improving customer service than some of the other management methods. It is an approach that welcomes the integration of technology with the advancement of business processes and, in some cases, relies on technology to make sure that the changes being made are done properly and efficiently.