SCAD Software supports Agile

“Business needs and priorities can shift in the months or even years it can take for a large system to be fully built. Agile values the ability to change in response to new discoveries and needs over sticking to a plan created before everything is known…”

Agile is a software development methodology which aims to address the shortfalls of more conventional and older software development approaches. These conventional and older approaches to software development hampered delivery to business primarily as a result of the following:

  • During long projects, business needs might change which in turn might lead to “scope creep”.
  • These approaches are not flexible in that requirements are locked down very early in the process and as such are not open to change as more knowledge and experience is accumulated.
  • Testing is left to the very end of the process, which has an effect on timelines as it makes it harder for developers to find mistakes which might have occurred near to the beginning of the development process.
  • By the time the project is ready for implementation a long list of additional requirements might already exist.

Agile builds on the following light weight improved approaches which aim to provide solutions to these issues:

  • Rapid Application Development – RAD
  • Scrum and XP (Extreme Programming) – both of these focuses on short iterations to allow frequent delivery of software.

In addition, Agile places a high value on individuals, collaboration, and the ability to respond to change.

Swift Channel Application Development (SCAD) describes a software development methodology that provides a framework to enable the rapid design, development and deployment of customised business solutions that are not effectively addressed by standard software applications.

Our methodology enables an incremental, iterative approach to delivering high-quality software frequently throughout the development cycle and is made possible because most changes are simply data configuration related as opposed to time-consuming code changes.

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